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Rugged video logger for Harsh Environments - with built-in data logging.

Stack Rugged DVR features multi-camera high quality video, GPS and Data Overlay with CAN / Ethernet link: agricultural, aviation, aeronautics, defence, first-responders, police, transportation, broadcast and high reliability industrial applications.


Stack DVR3s have been used in the following applications:

Agricultural Survey, Aeronautics, Laboratory & Industrial, Law Enforcement & Surveillance, Military, Mining, Pipeline Inspection, Ports & Shipping, Railways, Road & Runway Inspection, Sea Patrol, Sub-Sea, TV & Video Production, Vehicle Safety, Warranty & Fleet Monitoring.

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Key Features




DVR3 Quick Compare
Camera Inputs
0 to 50°C
(32 to 122°F)
0 to 70°C
(32 to 158°F)
-20° to 80°C
(-4 to 176°F)
-20° to 80°C
(-4 to 176°F)
Environmental sealing
Max. Card Size
Max. Video Bitrate
Record Bit-rate scheme
(20-50V option)
(20-50V option)
9-20 V
(20-50V option)
9-20 V
(20-50V option)




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Solid-State Video & Data Solution
For high quality video recordings on the move, Stack’s miniature Solid-State Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) provide the optimum solution and are engineered specifically for harsh mobile environments.

DVR3 digital video recorders from Stack employ broadcast standard MPEG-2 video compression to record high quality real-time video/audio direct to a Compact Flash (CF) card. The card can be removed with ease and played on a PC or laptop using a standard media player application. Recordings can be archived direct to DVD for playback on either a PC or a DVD player. 128GB Compact Flash card capacity mean that 72 hours of full resolution video recording is possible - perfect for surveillance applications.

Powerful, integrated Synchronized

Click to enlargeStack DVRs have a built-in CAN interface, enabling connection to any Stack Display or Logging System, or third party ECU, to provide synchronous data and video recording and/or overlay of performance data on the video. 

Data from the Stack system plus the internal 3-axis g-sensor and optional GPS receiver, are recorded with the video onto the CF card for subsequent replay and analysis using the Stack DataPro software supplied.

The track-map can be calculated from the GPS data, or from inertial data (speed, lateral-g force). Any point on the trackmap can be selected with one mouse-click, allowing the user to navigate through the video and data with pinpoint precision. The user can compare two laps of data from different drivers, runs, cars, etc. 

With the addition of side-by-side video recordings, and single frame-stepping through the data, now you can literally ‘see’ WHERE and WHY time between 2 drivers /runs is gained or lost!


Geo Map Option
Click to enlargeGeoMaps is a new optional feature for DataPro.

The Geospatial Map visualization provides satellite imagery for GPS data overlay. Load a run with latitude and longitude channels and a satellite image will be displayed behind the GPS route, no configuration necessary!

Further details on the Geo Map option.



CAN-bus, Serial Interfaces & Ethernet interfaces
Click to enlargeStack DVRs support a number of external interfaces.

The CAN interface allows a DVR3 to be directly connected to one or more Stack data expansion modules or a third party ECU.

A serial port is available to connect an optional GPS Receiver which outputs NMEA 0183 serial data packets to provide speed, position, altitude, time and date information.

We have also introduced an Ethernet interface which provides a stable communications network interface that can be accessed virtually anywhere. As well as fast downloading of video, audio and data recorded, the ethernet link can be used to to connect additional input devices for recording. With its own IP address, the DVR3 also becomes fully programmable from any PC on the network.



3rd party CAN interface option
Stack's 3rd party CAN interface option (ST8339) consists of the CAN Gateway Template Editor tool for the PC, a wiring adapter to allow the DVR to be connected to the CAN Hi and CAN Lo outputs of the CAN device, as well as an authorisation PIN code.

This allows the DVR to be connected to a wide range of devices including Engine Control Unit (ECU) modules, navigation modules and specialist sensors outputting in CAN format. Data from the CAN device can then be captured by the DVR and used for video data overlay and / or metadata recording.

With the metadata recording option, video and data can then be accessed in Stack's DataPro analysis software. It provides a single box solution for customers wishing to record video, audio, internal accelerometer, GPS and CAN data to a single Compact Flash (CF) memory card.



Data Overlay Option
Click to enlargeThe GPS and G-force Data Overlay option enables data from these CAN and/or GPS sources, together with the internal 3-axis g-sensor and internal real time clock, to be overlaid on the recorded video image.

Positioning the data on the image is simple, using the drag-and-drop PC configuration software supplied (above). A screen-shot from one of the camera inputs can be used as a background to further aid overlay composition.



User-configurable Record Modes & Alarms

As well as the conventional record mode, the DVR3 range also provides a “continuous loop” record mode, whereby once the CF card becomes full, the DVR continues recording, overwriting the oldest recordings.

Click to enlargeThe DVR3 range also include an “Event Recording” mode, to enable specific externally triggered events to be recorded, with user selectable pre-trigger and post-trigger periods.

Alarms are a method of controlling features of DVR3 based on the values of data channels reaching or passing through preset limits.  For example, it is possible to start a video recording when the Lateral G channel exceeds 1G.



Designed for harsh environments
Stack DVRs feature a rugged machined aluminium housing specifically designed and manufactured to protect the unit in harsh and extreme environments. The unit is compact and durable with no moving parts (other than the sealed CF card access door), and is capable of operating where normal VCRs or DV recorders are not. Recording in harsh environments, such as continual shock and vibration, and extreme climate conditions is now entirely possible, making it ideal for most demanding recording applications. Its anti-vibration (up to 20g 50-2000Hz swept Sin. 12hr x 3 axis) and shock-resistant abilities (50g, 15ms) are perfect for consideration as commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment.

Stack DVR's have been successfully used in many demanding applications such as land-based military vehicles, aerospace, marine, subsea inspections, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), high reliability industrial applications and many more. Because of the sensitive nature of many of these applications, we are unable to publish details here. We may be able to furnish broad case studies on an individual basis - subject to checks, please


A full range of models...
The new Stack range of DVRs has a model to suit your needs: choose from variants offering up to 4 camera inputs, higher bit-rate options for broadcast quality recordings, models offering completely sealed units to IP67, extended operating temperature ranges, and extended recordings capacity.

Stack DVRs provide superior high-quality video recording in real time over a wide range of bit rates suitable for different applications - up to 20 Mbps is available, quality equivalent or better than DV tape. Stack DVRs have been used by broadcast companies to achieve recordings under the most demanding conditions. Up to 50 Mbps video recording capability is available by special request.


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The DVR3-130, DVR3-240 and DVR3-440 have all the features of the DVR3-200 and DVR3-400 respectively, and additionally incorporate an on-board video multiplexer to allow any format of 1 to 3 or 4 cameras (composite PAL or NTSC) to be recorded simultaneously with programmable scaling, cropping and positioning of each picture.

Unlike less sophisticated products, Stack’s multiple camera input DVRs give the user full control over all screen elements.

Together with comprehensive recording set-up using the DVR Configuration Utility, standard across all models, the PC-based advanced Custom Display Utility provides full control of each picture’s size and position, together with picture cropping and overlay.

The system includes pre-set display modes - all editable. Camera identification shown on-screen is also fully configurable.

The easy-to-use software utilises a simple click and drag interface to set up how each input channel is displayed.

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DVR3-130Stack’s DVR3-130 is the perfect solution for applications that require reliability and toughness. In common with all of the DVR2 range, the DVR3-130 offers high-performance coupled with outstanding reliability.

All models in the Stack DVR range use MPEG-2, ideal for distribution or archiving on DVD discs and the format of choice for professional broadcasters.

Each Stack DVR comes complete with harnesses, including camera and mic power outputs, record control switch and status lamp. The externally visible bi-colour LED status lamp indicates record status, CF card “free memory” status and common error conditions.

Connectors:15W D Connector,3.5mm AV Jack,Micro USB


DVR3-240Stack’s DVR3-240 offers “professional performance” even under the most difficult conditions including wet and/or high vibration environments.

The DVR3-240 has an IP67 standard waterproof rating and utilises MIL-type connectors. The 128GB maximum card size allows longer continuous recording runs.

Connectors: 1 x 9W DD AS
2 x 5W AS


DVR3-440For the most demanding applications, the DVR3-440 can be used in harsh environments including high vibration and extreme temperatures.

The unit is waterproof to IP67 and boasts an extended operating temperature range of -20 to +80°C. The 20 Mbps maximum fixed bit rate produces unmatched video quality.

The Brownout protection option ensures recording continuous despite power loss of up to a second.

Connectors: 1 x 9W DD AS
2 x 5W AS
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We supply a version of the DVR specifically engineered for video professionals. Designed with mobility and ruggedness in mind, Stack's DVR3-540 delivers stunning picture quality even under the most extreme conditions.


The DVR3-540 captures video and audio that is equivalent or better than DV tape but is immune to the susceptibility of non solid-state devices to shock, vibration and temperature.
Connectors: 1 x 9W DD AS
2 x 5W AS
Unrivalled Recording Quality
DVR2-500 screenshot

The DVR3-540 offers 10 selectable fixed bit-rates (1 to 20 Mbps) and Variable Bit-Rate (VBR) that can achieve bit-rates in excess of 30Mbps, even up to 50Mbps - dependant on image content.

This matches the maximum bit-rate of Blu-Ray (in comparison, DVD's maximum bit-rate is 9.8Mbps).


The higher bit-rate not only gives sharper pictures and more vivid colours but is better capable of capturing fast-moving content such as sport without introducing compression artifacts.

An option on the DVR3-540 is Intra-frame (I-frame) only record mode - a great benefit to video professionals using a non-linear editing system such as Avid or Final Cut Pro.

To download and view footage recorded by the DVR3-540, please contact us:



DVR3-130 Datasheet (pdf download)

DVR3-240 Datasheet (pdf download)

DVR3-440 Datasheet (pdf download)

DVR3-540 Datasheet (pdf download)



Configuration Utility
Stack's DVR configuration utility software gives the user full control of recording options including recording quality, screen aspect ratio, sound levels, g-sensor recording triggers and CF card formatting.

Click to enlargeClick to enlarge
Click to enlargeClick to enlarge

Click on each image above to enlarge...


Click to enlargeIf Data Recording is enabled, a special page (see left) will allow the configuration of data to be recorded from the directly connected sensors (G, GPS etc) and those obtained from the CAN bus.




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Firmware Upgrades
At Stack, we are constantly working hard to improve the performance and capabilities of our products. Keep your DVR system up to date by downloading the latest firmware.

Firmware Upgrade Instructions (pdf 542 KB)

Firmware Upgrade Download



DVR System Diagram
DVR Connection Diagram

Click on above image to enlarge...


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Stack DVRs - comprehensive package

Each Stack DVR comes complete with harnesses, including camera and mic power outputs, record control switch and status lamp. The externally visible bi-colour LED status lamp indicates record status, CF card “free memory” status and common error conditions. A comprehensive user guide is also included.

Each Stack DVR comes complete with harnesses, including camera and mic power outputs, record control switch and status lamp. The externally visible bi-colour LED status lamp indicates record status, CF card “free memory” status and common error conditions. A comprehensive user guide is also included.


Cameras & Microphones
We can also supply the DVR with a video kit incorporating a bullet cameras and mics. We can supply both bullet / lipstick cameras (CCD) and amplified microphones which provide the highest quality video and audio signals to match the high quality recording of Stack’s Digital Video Recorder range.
Camera Mounts  
A range of mounts to suit every eventuality are available including a universal-fitting. A range of mounts to suit every eventuality are available including a universal-fitting.
Compact Flash (CF) Cards  
We are happy to supply Harsh Environment Compact Flash (CF) cards in various memory sizes. We are happy to supply Harsh Environment Compact Flash (CF) cards in various memory sizes and industrial or commercial grades. Please contact your dealer/ distributor for details.


DVR3 Option Part Numbers
ST8398 GPS Receiver & Data Overlay Option
(Up to 5Hz & 1 Second Resolution)
ST9396 Continuous Loop Recording Option (for DVR3-400/440)
ST9398 GPS NMEA-0183 Interface & Data Overlay Option
(Up to 20Hz & 0.001 Second Resolution)
ST9399 20-50V DC option
ST9397 Brownout Protection option (on DV3-440, DVR3-540 only)
TBA Ethernet Data Interace



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